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Website marketing, or search engine optimization is an involved process. It requires time, research, and planning to improve the overall presentation of a website. The idea of optimizing a website is more than just well placed keywords and some general content. The purpose of optimizing a website is to create a well organized, well structured website with rich, relevant content. These are the sites that users are looking for, and that Google and the other major search engines will be likely to rank at, or near the top.

The process of website marketing always starts with an analysis of the website, and research of different keyword combinations that end users would likely use to find your website. This will depend on the nature of your business, and the type of content that is available on your website.

After the research is done, our staff will work with you to implement changes to streamline the content, structure, and organization of the website. The optimization of a website is likely going to take time. The amount of time needed to transform a website from low rankings to a top ranking on the search engines will vary from one website to another. Some of the variables include the industry your website represents, the amount of competition within the target keywords, and the amount of modifications to the website that will be required.

Our staff will consider these variables at the beginning of the project and give you our best estimate of the expected time needed for the marketing of your website in order for you to make the most informed decision possible.

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